ID Group Press Release - Marcel De Graaff

Mr Marcel de Graaff is no longer a Member of the ID Group in the European Parliament.


ID Group Press Release - Mahsa Amini

ID Group undemocratically excluded from signing Iran resolution


We, as the Members of the ID Group, unequivocally condemn the undemocratic steps taken by the other groups of the European Parliament to block us from co-signing and supporting a joint motion for resolution on the death of Mahsa Jina Amini and the repression of women's rights protesters in Iran.


ID Group Press Release - Ukraine

The War in Ukraine: Dirty tricks of the European Parliament


The European Parliament will hold an extraordinary plenary session on Tuesday 1 March, during which a resolution on "Russian aggression against Ukraine" will be put to a vote. It should be an opportunity for the political forces in this Parliament to unite to denounce Russian aggression and support the Ukrainian people.