Green Deal: Wrong targets and no results

"The EU Green Deal has been one of the primary initiatives of this Commission, heavily influenced by the extreme green fanaticism of individuals like Timmermans and others who have disregarded the devastating effects associated with several measures developed in recent years. These measures pose a significant threat to the long-term stability of the EU's economic framework.


The emission reduction targets set forth are entirely unrealistic, and the mandatory transition to renewable energy sources is unachievable within the given timeframe. This presents the risk of further outsourcing to countries with less stringent environmental regulations, with minimal overall environmental benefit.


To ensure the feasibility and economic sustainability of the green transition, a realistic assessment and greater flexibility in target implementation are necessary. We cannot afford to let the European agricultural and industrial supply chain bear such a high cost, as it would result in increased reliance on non-EU countries for the production and consumption of basic goods.


We are pleased to see that we are no longer alone in condemning this issue, as other political groups in this Parliament are starting to recognize the exorbitant cost of these green policies. It is better late than never, and hopefully, it is not too late."