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Dansk Folkeparti

Danish People's Party is a national conservative party founded in 1995.

The party has enjoyed great influence during the last 20 years because of its support to different minority coalition governments of liberal and conservative parties. The party is currently in opposition to the Social Democratic government.              

The DPP's stated goals are to protect the freedom and cultural heritage of the Danish people, to maintain a strong welfare system for Danish citizens, to work against Denmark becoming a multi-cultural society by limiting immigration, to protect Denmark and its sovereignty from EU-federalism, and to promote entrepreneurship and economic growth by strengthening education and encouraging people to work.

Dansk Folkeparti - Denmark


Education (qualifications and diplomas)

2006-2010: Bachelor of Laws, Aarhus University

2010-2013: Master of Laws, Aarhus University


Professional career

2012-2014: Legal adviser, European Parliament

2019-2022: Public Affairs Director, Grace Public Affairs


Political career

2004-...: Member, Danish People’s Party (DF)

2010-2014: Regional councillor, Midtjylland

2012-2015: National chair, Danish People's Party, youth (DF)

2012-2015: Member, DF National Executive

2014: Member, Randers city council

2014-2019: Member of the European Parliament

2019-2022: Member, DF National Executive

2022-...: Member of the European Parliament