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Rassemblement National

Chaired by Jean-Paul Garraud, the Rassemblement National's delegation to the European Parliament is a member of the Identity and Democracy Group, which cooperates closely with its allies, with the central objective of changing the European Union from within in the interests of the European people.

The party had its first electoral successes in the 1980s after only a few years of existence, and since the early 2000s its dynamic has been unstoppable. In 2017, Marine Le Pen imposed patriotic ideas by gathering over 22% of the votes in the second round of the presidential elections. In 2019, the RN list led by Jordan Bardella, 1st vice-president of the ID Group, won the European elections (more than 23% of the votes). The 2022 presidential elections saw the RN, once again led by Marine Le Pen, achieve a historic score of more than 41% in the second round, gathering more than 13.3 million votes. This constant progression of the RN represents a wonderful hope for all patriots in France and Europe.

The objective of the Rassemblement National is to bring together the French people to defend the sovereignty of France, protect its integrity and promote its historical values of civilisation and identity. The RN defends national sovereignty and the independence of the Nation and wants to give back the voice to the French people through a referendum, to stop uncontrolled immigration, to make security everywhere and for everyone a priority, to increase buying power, to implement economic patriotism to reindustrialise and produce resources in France.

Rassemblement national - France


1984 Born in Rueil-Malmaison (Haut-de-Seine)

2005 Graduated from Sciences-Po (Sciences-Po Aix-en Provence, then Sciences-Po Paris)

2006 Communication consultant

2013 Vice-President of the FNJ

2019 Member of the European Parliament

Rassemblement national - France


1995 Born in Drancy (Seine-Saint-Denis)

2013 Undergraduate student in Geography at University Paris-La Sorbonne

2015 (since) Regional Councillor for Ile-de-France

2017-2019 NR spokesperson

2019 Member of the European Parliament

Since June 2019 Vice-President of the RN

Rassemblement national - France


1980 Born in Rillé (Indre-et-Loire)

2014 Councillor for Social Affairs at the Town Hall of Hénin-Beaumont (Pas-de-Calais)

2015 Departmental Councillor for Pas-de-Calais

2019 Member of the European Parliament

Dominique BILDE
Rassemblement national - France


1953 Born in Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle)

Company manager in the hotel business (then asset manager)

2010 (since) Regional Councillor of Lorraine (now Grand-Est)

2014 City Councillor of Sarrebourg (Moselle)

2014 Member of the European Parliament (re-elected in 2019)

Annika BRUNA
Rassemblement national - France


1956 Born in Versailles

1974 Membership of the FN in the line of her father, Pierre Bruna

2015 Candidate in the departmental elections in Val d'Oise

2016 Parliamentary assistant to Jean-Marie Le Pen at the European Parliament

2019 Member of the European Parliament

Patricia CHAGNON
Rassemblement national - France


1963 Born in Eindhoven (Netherlands)

2014 Municipal and communautary councilor of Abbeville

2015 Regional councilor of Hauts-de-France

2022 Member of European Parliament

Rassemblement national - France


1987 Born in Calais  

2015 Commercial and litigation relationship manager 

2015 Regional Councillor  for Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes 

2020 Municipal and community councillor of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne 

2021 Re-elected Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regional councillor

2022 Member of the European Parliament

Rassemblement national - France


1956: Born in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne)

1983:  judge, then investigating judge (1985), President of the court (1992), Adjunct Director ENM (1997), Vice-President of the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris (2001)

2002-2012 UMP Member of Parliament for Gironde

2012-2018: Public Prosecutor at the Court of Appeal

2019: Member of the European Parliament

Catherine GRISET
Rassemblement national - France


1972 Born in Boulogne-sur-Mer

1993 Legal assistant to Marine Le Pen

1998 Joined the legal department of the FN

2016 Chief of Staff to Marine Le Pen

2019 Member of the European Parliament

Jean-François JALKH
Rassemblement national - France


1957 Born in Tournan-en-Brie (Seine-et-Marne)

1986-1988 Member of the National Assembly

2010 President of the FN Group at the Regional Council of Lorraine

2012 Vice-President of the FN

2014 Member of the European Parliament (re-elected in 2019)

France JAMET
Rassemblement national - France


1961 Born in Paris

1998 Regional Councillor for Languedoc-Roussillon

2014 Municipal Councillor for Montpellier (Hérault)

2016 President of the FN Group for Languedoc-Roussillon (now Occitanie)

2017 Member of the European Parliament (replacing Louis Aliot who became a Member of Parliament; re-elected in 2019)

Virginie JORON
Rassemblement national - France


1973 Born in Troyes (Aube)

1998 Postgraduate diploma in Police, Security and Fundamental Human Rights at the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis (Alpes-Maritimes)

2001-2019: Manager in a joint social protection group specialising in group insurance

2015 (since) Regional Councillor, then President of the NR group of the Grand-Est region

2019 Member of the European Parliament

Rassemblement national - France


1967 Born in Lyon (Rhône)

1991-2015 Sales Director (Danone, l'Oréal, etc.)

1998-2010 Regional Councillor for the Centre region (since 2015 for Ile-de-France)

2017 Member of the FN Executive Board

2020 Member of the European Parliament (post-Brexit)

Rassemblement national - France


1958 born in Brest

1984 Beginning of academic career at the University of Grenoble

1995 Author of Libertés publiques et droit de l'homme [Public freedoms and human rights] (Armand Colin), the first of his 15 books

1995-2000 Dean of the Faculty of International Affairs of Le Havre

2014 Member of the European Parliament (re-elected in 2019)

Rassemblement national - France


1958 Born in Orange (Vaucluse)

1993 RPR Member of Parliament for Vaucluse (then for the 11th constituency of French citizens living abroad - Eastern Europe, Asia, Oceania)

2010-2012 Secretary of State, then Minister for Transport

2013-2014 Vice-President of the UMP

2019 Member of the European Parliament

Rassemblement national - France


1956 Born in Toulon (Var)

1972 National patent diploma

1976 Military service, paratrooper in the 3rd Regiment RPMA of Carcassonne

2006 Departmental delegate of the RN for French Polynesia.

2018 Member of the National Council of the RN

2022 Member of the European Parliament

Philippe OLIVIER
Rassemblement national - France


1961 Born in Juvisy-sur-Orge (Essonne)

1999-2017 General Counsel

1992-2004 Regional Councillor for Ile-de-France

2018 Member of the NR Executive Board

2019 Member of the European Parliament

Rassemblement national - France


1961 Born in Paris

1986 Parliamentary attaché to Michel Debré, Member of Parliament for La Réunion.

1993 Member of the cabinet of Dominique Perben, Minister for Overseas France (then of several other ministers)

2015 Creation of the expert group “les Horaces”

2019 Member of the European Parliament