What you will not find in any plenary session!

The BUDGET committee approved several building projects by different EU institutions. No plenary vote is needed for these procedures.


Let's Protect Free Speech

There was a debate on 25 November entitled “Strengthening media freedom: the protection of journalists in Europe, hate speech, disinformation and the role of platforms”.


Archbishop of Mosul Najeeb Michaeel selected as a finalist for the Sakharov Prize 2020

The Identity and Democracy group makes the voices of persecuted Christians heard!

The Identity and Democracy group is pleased to announce that Monsignor Najeeb, Archbishop of Mosul, is one of the three shortlisted finalists for the 2020 Sakharov Prize.
Bishop Najeeb experienced Islamic barbarism in his own flesh and is undoubtedly the emblematic figure of resistance to the Islamic State.