ID Group press release on the brutal terrorist attack on Israel

ID Group press release on the brutal terrorist attack on Israel


The ID Group condemns Hamas’ brutal attack on Israel and expresses its profound condolences to the victims and their families.


In the early morning of 7 October 2023, Hamas launched a surprise terrorist attack on Israel, resulting in the loss of over 700 innocent Israeli lives and leaving more than 1200 people injured. The attack by Hamas has been marked by an unprecedented level of brutality, with ordinary citizens and families suffering unspeakable horrors. Numerous reports have surfaced of women and children being subjected to heinous crimes, including rape, murder, and kidnapping. It is estimated that at least 100 people are currently held hostage by Hamas.


In light of these tragic events, the ID Group condemns, in the strongest terms, the ongoing brutal attack launched by Hamas against Israel, and civilians in particular.  The ID Group expresses its unwavering solidarity with Israel and its people, whilst reaffirming Israel's right to exist and defend itself against terrorist attacks by state and non-state actors alike.


The ID Group welcomes Commissioner Varhelyi’s announcement that all Palestinian funding will be immediately suspended and reviewed, and calls on the Commission to audit whether any EU funding has been used to fund Hamas or other terrorist organisations in Palestine. 


The ID Group is appalled by the demonstrations in support of these attacks that have taken place in various European cities, which has led to some local authorities being hesitant to raise Israeli flags out of fear for retaliation by Hamas supporters. The ID Group reiterates that terrorism must be vigorously combatted and is of the view that the horrific events in Israel should serve as a wake-up call for Europe and as a stark reminder of the brutality of Islamist terror attacks.