We stand by Israel

"The cowardly attack made by Hamas terrorists left us astonished by the violence and brutality carried out against the Israeli population. Families destroyed, civilians killed, hostages used as human shields: these are the terrible images that we see from Israel.


This organized genocide is "directed" by those who want to see Israel disappear from the world map, and it is a shame that still there is not a unanimous condemnation in the political landscape: some left-wing parties and movements, in Italy and in Europe, seem to pretend that nothing happened, that there were no innocent victims and that we should even take to the streets to demonstrate against Israel and its right to exist.


With this aggression, the jihadist militias have not only declared war on the State of Israel, but on the entire West. We should all open our eyes and strongly affirm that no space is left for terrorism, and no space is left for those who want to destroy our social, cultural and religious values.


Episodes of this gravity represent one of the darkest pages of recent history. We must rally around and support a population that is suffering and send them all our thoughts, our prayers and our most fervent support."