Nature restoration law: VdL’s stubbornness will be the EU’s downfall

"Nature restoration is part of the broader Green Deal strategy with which the European Commission has decided to put its stamp on the legislative term that is drawing to a close.


However, although in principle some of the goals for climate and biodiversity protection could be supported, the practical implementation of this project has proved disastrous. Ambition has turned into wishful thinking and pragmatism has been replaced by an ideology that has produced unattainable rules and goals. These goals come with very high costs in economic terms, sustained entirely by European citizens.


The list of poor choices is very long; it ranges from the onerous transition from internal combustion engines to electric cars that is already benefiting the Chinese market and leading to disastrous job losses throughout Europe, to the mandatory energy efficiency for real estate, via the senseless rules on agriculture that have led to protests by thousands of workers in the sector and higher costs for European consumers.


By continuing down this path, Ursula von der Leyen, who recently announced her intention to run again for the presidency of the Commission in 2024, proves once again that she cares more about her own future than that of nearly 500 million citizens."