ID Group Press Release - Vice Presidency EP

ID Group nominates Annalisa Tardino for Vice-Presidency of the European Parliament


Annalisa Tardino, a Sicilian Lega MEP and coordinator of the Identity and Democracy Group in the LIBE committee, will be the ID Group's candidate for the post of vice-president of the European Parliament, to be voted on next week in the plenary session to replace Eva Kaili who previously held the position.


The bureau of the Identity and Democracy Group has unanimously decided to submit the candidacy of Annalisa Tardino for the position of vice-president of the European Parliament. Annalisa Tardino is a person of great competence, experience and integrity; a woman, young, capable and also appreciated by other political forces. She is the right person to improve the in-house democracy and to contribute to the excellence of the institution.


Now the European Parliament has a unique opportunity to turn a page and start again with new momentum. Transparency, integrity and respect should not be merely words, but concrete principles, giving each political group the representation it is entitled to, as happens in every democracy on the continent, including and especially in the governing bodies.