The Green Crusade against house owners

"Among the various follies envisaged by the Green Deal proposed by the Ursula von der Leyen-Frans Timmermans duo is the one concerning the obligation to make European buildings environmentally sustainable.


The directive, supported from the start by the majority parties, will force property owners into expensive renovations. And that's not all, because the measure will also lead to a heavy devaluation of properties in the lowest energy class.


It was only thanks to the efforts of the Lega, which from the beginning worked in the relevant committees to make changes to the text, that it was possible to at least eliminate the obligation for citizens to comply with the energy classes imposed by the European Union, leaving this responsibility to the individual Member States with more reasonable timeframes for renovation plans.


However, critical issues remain, and they are the result of the once again ideological and not at all pragmatic approach with which Brussels is forcing people to make enormous economic sacrifices in order to pursue unrealistic goals.


Although the legislature is drawing to a close, unlike others we will continue to fight until the end with the protection of the interests of European citizens as our only motive."