The green crusade clashes with reality: the farmers' revolt explained

"Farmers' protests in recent weeks across Europe are not just symbolic, because they are nailing the Eurobureaucrats to their responsibilities.


The effects of the misguided and ideological Green Deal policies, strongly advocated by the Commission led by Von der Leyen and Timmermans, are now obvious.


In the name of unreasonable environmentalism entire sectors, from agriculture to livestock, are suffering and risking their collapse. And this does not surprise us, since from the beginning of the legislature we had warned about the effects of an ideology that never wanted to take reality into account.


The storming of the headquarters of the European institutions in Brussels on 1 February forced the European leadership to partially backtrack on some of the measures it used to consider "untouchable".


But the fences and barbed wire used to curb the protests and protect the buildings are more than a metaphor. They are yet another testimony to how distant the EU is from the real needs of its citizens, now intent only on protecting its status quo.


Fortunately, the political face-off is near, and the outcomes will be evident with the results of the upcoming European elections."