The dangers of EU-China relationship

"We cannot deny the importance of maintaining strong relations with China, but we should keep in mind how important it is to be assertive towards Beijing.


We should defend our interests, and not give the impression that we absolutely need them.


They are one of the privileged commercial partners for several EU countries, but we should avoid to become subjected to their own interests.


The blind environmental policies imposed by the Commission since 2019 led our economies to develop a constantly growing dependency on China, both in products and critical raw materials, resulting in a detrimental effect on our companies and economy.


We should also keep in mind that China is an anti-democratic regime, that constantly threatens Taiwan, and it is not a market economy, with its lavish state aid that distorts competition.


We need a balanced approach towards environmental and social issues, because we cannot accept to sacrifice our economic and social model while on the other side there is no respect for basic rules.


We are ready to cooperate for a mutual benefit, but we don't want to give them all the advantages for now and the future."