Stop the accession of Turkey in the EU

No to Turkey in the EU! Stop negotiating.


Turkey is still officially a candidate country to join the European Union. It was an enormous mistake by the EU to accept that candidacy. First of all, Turkey is not a European country. It is also not a democracy: the Erdogan regime is persecuting minorities and violating the principle of freedom of speech. Moreover, as there are no more internal borders within the EU, the accession of Turkey would lead to a huge and uncontrollable migration flow towards Europe. 

Making things even worse: Turkey is posing a threat to the security and sovereignty of EU Member States such as Greece and Cyprus. Erdogan is also supporting Islamist terrorist groups in Syria, Iraq, Nagorno-Karabach, Libya, etc.


The unacceptable provocations by the Erdogan regime should not be rewarded by continuing endless and pointless accession negotiations with Turkey. Therefore the Identity and Democracy Group (ID) in the European Parliament wants these negotiations to be put to an end. The ‘pre-accession’ money flow to Turkey should also be stopped.


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