ID Group Press Release - Qatargate

Qatargate: exclusion of the ID Group from the joint resolution, the Political Groups cover themselves


The Identity and Democracy Group was arbitrarily and unjustifiably prevented by the other groups of the European Parliament from signing the joint resolution condemning the Qatargate affair. After extensive negotiations, in which we actively participated, the majority of the European Parliament once again engaged in an undemocratic scandal by excluding us from the final resolution. 


The irony is that the Socialists and Democrats are allowed to participate in the drafting of this resolution, despite the fact that this is a scandal that they themselves caused. The "cordon sanitaire" becomes the perfect tool for the majority political groups to cover up one of the biggest political corruption scandals of our time. The cordon sanitaire was already being used as a political tool when MEP Kaili was appointed as VP, whilst the ID Group was excluded.


For all European citizens, and for the millions of them who voted for us, the emphasis should be on having a cordon sanitaire against corruption, and not on undermining democracy through party politics.