Online censorship is a threat to European democracies

"With two months to go before the vote for the European elections, the establishment is showing its fear of political forces that do not align with the predetermined idea of Brussels eurobureaucracy.


A clear example of this is the ban from the Meta platforms of Chega, the party founded in 2019 by André Ventura, fresh off a resounding success in the last national elections. The shameful restriction emanates from the Digital Services Act, strongly advocated by the Von der Leyen Commission and approved by the majority parties in the European Parliament. Passed off as a tool to counter the spread of fake news on social media, it has turned into a means of ad hoc censorship that gags those who would like a different Europe than the one we have now.


As the ID Group and ID Party, we decided to send two letters, one to Commissioner Jourova and one to the OSCE, to draw attention to the fact that decisions such as the one by Meta, which was later fortunately reversed, are now a threat to democracy and a way to influence the outcome of the vote in the European elections.


At the plenary level, we called for the inclusion of a special debate in the last Strasbourg session. The anti-democratic trend is not only limited to Chega, but was also seen last week when the National Conservatism Conference was interrupted by the arrival of police forces. A very serious act that shows once again how there is no respect, but certainly much fear, for the citizens' vote in Brussels."