What you will not find in any plenary session!

The BUDGET committee approved several building projects by different EU institutions. No plenary vote is needed for these procedures.


🔴 Europa Experience in Paris, Place de la Madeleine


The 1 452 m2 building will feature a 360° panoramic cinema, a modular meeting room, an interactive exhibition space and a role-play game.


The proposed contract duration is for a period of 18 years, and the European Parliament will pay EUR 1 750 000 in annual rent, EUR 159 069 annually for offsetting basic fit-out costs, EUR 175 000 annually in charges and EUR 2 200 000 once-off for specific fit-out works.


🔴 Europa Experience in Rome, Piazza Venezia


The 922 m2 building will feature a reception area, an interactive space, a flat-screen cinema, a role-play game and a meeting room.


The proposed lease contract runs for a fixed period of 12 years, with a tacit renewal for another 6 years. The European Parliament will pay EUR 903 000 annual rent and EUR 37 000 annually for charges.


🔴 European Parliament offices in Brussels


The European Parliament has decided to purchase the WIERTZ building, for which the European Parliament currently has a usufruct contract.


Its gross surface area covers 18 073 m2 of which about 10 000 m2 consists of net office space and the price requested is EUR 74,9 million.


🔴 EEAS Buenos Aires Office, Argentina


The 1 237 m2 office building is priced at EUR 7,53 million.


The net cost for the European External Action Service would be EUR 11 million over 20 years, covering the purchase price (EUR 7,53 million), the cost of fit-out works, removal and start-up costs to the amount of EUR 1,97 millionoperating cost for 20 years of EUR 3,86 million, estimated revenues from co-location of EUR 1,25 million, and revenues from the sale of the current office premises at EUR 1,07 million.


The ID Group deplores the lack of transparency concerning the building policy of EU institutions and considers all these projects as an outrageous waste of taxpayers’ money.


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