EU-China Relations

"In the last months, the EU Institutions have demonstrated many times a complete lack of strategy in taking political decisions.


The recent trip to China of Macron and Von der Leyen has brought attention to the EU's geopolitical positioning, a topic we have been discussing for years and which has never led to clear political action by the EU Institutions.


The French President turned what was originally a trip aimed at dialogue on sensitive issues, such as Taiwan and the war in Ukraine, only into a personal showcase.


The EU is looking for a coherent strategy now, when all the legislation which will put us in the hands of China has already been presented. These are all short-sighted choices which will only make the EU more dependent on China, with the risk of repeating the mistake made years ago with Russia.


The Chinese influence in Europe is not a recent issue, China has reached Europe a long time ago and it is gaining power through critical infrastructure such as ports, logistics and telecommunications.


Everyone must be aware of this and we should act to safeguard these strategic sectors."